$986,894 In Total Revenue, Almost All Of Which Has Come From JV Integrations And My Top Affiliate Has Earned Over $80,300 In Commissions!

Richard Legg“Nathan Mackenzie Brown, thank you for being my business partner! Your sales knowledge, relationship building skills, and extremely high level of organization are a huge help in my business. Plus, not only have you set up a number of JV integration deals that each brought in over $52,000 in sales, you've given me the guidance I needed to position the 100k Apprentice as a hot offer for other top players in the industry to promote.

Before working with you, there was no way I would have been able to land the kind of JV deals that are now at the heart of my business. The 100k Apprentice has generated $986,894 in total revenue, almost all of which has come from JV integrations and my top affiliate has earnd over $80,300 in commissions just by integrating my offer into the thank you pages for some of his $9 front end WSO launches.

The best part is I know this is all just the beginning. I can't wait to see what we do going forward!"

Richard Legg

Bringing You On Board Has Been One Of The
Best Business Decisions I've Ever Made!

John Thornhill“Nathan, I know launches are not really your focus since you are so dedicated to integration selling, but in spite of that you helped me break personal records with my Partnership to Success offer! Thanks for helping me get 720 affiliates on board to promote for me, more than for any other product I've ever sold, and helping me reach top 5 & top 3 in vendor sales on Clickbank.com two days in a row.

I'm now on course to make more money from my mentoring this year than ever before. I really appreciate all your guidance, dedication to excellence and support in moving into really effective evergreen selling. Bringing you on board has been one of the best business decisions I've ever made!"

John Thornhill

I've Made $21,748 In Commissions Promoting The
100k Apprentice
With A Solid EPC of $3.18!

"Nathan, I'm really impressed with the performance of the 100k Apprentice offer that you suggested I integrate into my back end. Promoting it through my thank you page has made me $21,748 in commissions, with a solid EPC of $3.18!

I'm going to continue promoting this offer into the foreseeable future and I'm really looking forward to getting more high converting offers from you to integrate.”


Aaron Sustar

Nathan Mackenzie Brown Produced $21,038 In Commissions
& The Highest EPC I've Ever Gotten.

"Nathan, thank you for recommending the 100K Apprentice promotion. When you showed it to me I thought it was not going to convert well with my customers because it is such a high ticket item, but it's turned out to produce $21,038 in commissions for me with the highest converting EPC I've ever gotten at $2.08. Prior to the 100K Apprentice the best I was ever able to do was an $.80 EPC.

I'm so pleased with this promotion that I've now integrated it into all my download pages and customer autoresponders. Plus, this offer opened my eyes to the fact that my customers will buy high ticket items, and this new found knowledge is really helping me increase the lifetime value of all the new customers I get."

Dave Blaze

I'm Getting $4.29 EPCs. I've Only Seen One Other
Affiliate Offer Produce Anywhere Close To This.

"Hey Nathan, thanks for recommending the $100k Apprentice to me for integration into my sales funnel. My average EPC when I promote an affiliate product these days is between $.50-$1.50, but I'm getting a $4.29 EPC from the $100k Apprentice.

I've only seen one other affiliate offer produce anywhere close to this for me, so this is pretty awesome! :-)"

James Francis

Increased My Conversion Rate 93% With Just One Split Test.

"Nathan Mackenzie Brown hasn't just brought me integration partners, he also helped me increase my front end conversion on my trial offer 93% with just one single split testing recommendation."


Leon Klepfish

The Current Opt-in Page We're Using Is Getting A 60% Conversion
And It's Only The 2nd Control We've E stablished.

Bill White"I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me. You gave me the breakdown on how to really analyze EPCs, you told me to focus on getting good copywriting and doing split testing, building the list etc. You just broke things down for me in a straight forward way.

Prior to receiving your guidance, the best opt-in rate I'd ever produced was 32%. Since then, I use analytics for everything, and I do split testing continuously. The current opt-in page we're using is getting a 60% conversion and it's only the 2nd control we've established. You've been a huge help."


Bill White


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Revenue up $3,500 per month in 45 min
"Nathan, thank you for your 45-minute consult. Just one tip you provided on the call increased lead gen conversions 96%, providing an estimated increase of $3,500 per month. You rock!" - Brian Toomey jbwebanalytics.com

I cannot recommend him highly enough
"What could be better than partnering with a phenomenal human being as well as a marketing genius? What an amazing alliance. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Amy Ahlers wakeupcallcoaching.com